Put your message across with high quality Point of Sale Posters printed in-house by LW Graphics. Marry up your posters with our range of Poster Frames and Holders.

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A Frames

To make your business stand out from the crowd, you need to make the most of your outdoor space.

‘A Frames’ (also referred to as ‘Pavement Signs’) allow you to do this with ease, helping you advertise your products to people passing in the street.

Common uses:

  • High street shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Pubs, cafes and restaurants


Advantages Easy to move around and easy to store when not in use
Advantages Large surface area

Our in-house designer team can help you come up with a print design that maximises the space, ensuring that your business gets noticed.

Snap Frames

A ‘snap frame’ provides a great solution for posters that need changing on a regular basis. Ideal for short term advertising and promotions, a black or silver snap frame provides your poster with poster with a robust, professional frame.

Common uses:

  • Railway and underground stations
  • Airports
  • Service stations


Advantages Super quick to change artwork
Advantages Matt and gloss inserts as standard

Suspended Perspex Hanging Signs

If your customer-facing premises has an empty space to fill, there’s a good chance our ‘Suspended Perspex Hanging Signs’ are the perfect solution for your business’s advertising needs. Aesthetically beautiful, they maximise the roof and wall space your business has available.

Common uses:

  • Foyers and museums
  • Estate agents
  • Leisure centres


Advantages A great way to fill ‘dead’ space
Advantages Create an eye-catching backdrop

White Boards

If your business relies on a clear schedule or calendar – such as a workshop bringing in vehicles or a factory dispatching orders, then our vinyl printed whiteboards could be the perfect solution.

Laid out exactly as you require them, our vinyl printed whiteboards work like a normal whiteboard, but are divided up into rows and columns to suit your requirements.

Common uses:

  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Call centres


Advantages Laid out to suit your requirements
Advantages Write on like a normal whiteboard
Advantages Easy to clean
Advantages Vinyl can be removed if necessary

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