When it comes to transforming internal spaces, we can offer digitally printed vinyl wallpaper or 3M Graphic Film, tailored to the needs of your business.


3M Graphic Film

Our 3M Graphic Film is perfect for turning your business’s textured surfaces into selling space. With a full range of finishes available, we’re confident that we have something that suits your business, transforming its interior walls into a piece of design or prime advertising space.

Offering reliable adhesion, cast film conformability and optimal print quality, our 3M Graphic Film will transform any space in any business, rejuvenating your shop or office.


Vinyl Wallpaper

If you’re looking for something a little more flexible, then digitally printed vinyl wallpaper will be perfect for your business’s needs. Available in a vast range of finishes, vinyl wallpaper uses high quality printed graphics to create a unique & interesting addition to any room. Vinyl wallpaper varies from painted graphics because it is far more flexible.

Easily removable, it is perfect for short term application, providing ultimate flexibility and changeability. With the option to supply artwork or use our designers to create something for you, there is virtually no limit to the unique designs that we can provide.