The Weekly Progress

March 2020

Did you know?

For TV commercials, “Ice cream sundaes are often constructed of scoops of lard or mashed potato covered in motor oil.

In Other News

LW Graphics have been carrying on with the branding of fridges for a variety of brands.


More Grease Guru vans for full and partial wraps

Grease Guru are drainage experts who work closely with some of the UK’s top restaurants, pubs and hotels by supplying grease traps and high-end grease management solutions.


We were commissioned to complete 3 vans wraps showcasing their products and services in a clear and attractive manner. Two full wraps to Ford Transits and one partial wrap comprising of the existing design we had previously worked on with Grease Guru. Avery Supreme gloss metallic Silver was used as the base for the Ford transits to complement the graphics. The imagery and graphics were printed on 3M 480 vinyl to allow the vibrant colours to show through and ensures a quality application finish.


The final result is stand out commercial vehicles ready for use and totally unique to Grease Guru.