Arrow Self Drive – Support Vehicle

Arrow Self Drive is the largest independent car, minibus, van and truck rental business in Yorkshire, with branches based across the country. With a fleet of over 1500 vehicles, they lease to businesses as fleet vehicles, as well as renting to individuals for private use, making them an essential hire hub for business across the country.


LW Graphics was commissioned to transform their new VW service van, ensuring it sat comfortably in their extensive fleet of vans.


The brand’s recognised logo was applied to the side, bonnet and rear of the vehicle, the bright red adding high contrast with the white of the van. The rear of the van, LW applied a Chapter 8 Chevron kit, making sure the vehicle was visible and therefore safe when travelling up and down the country. The finishing touch? The recognised Arrow logo in eye-catching red, cementing the vehicle firmly as part of the Arrow fleet.


The final result is a van that is undoubtedly Arrow, perfectly fit for purpose.