Boost Energy

We supplied and fitted bespoke graphics to this Volkswagen T5 Van supplied by, in a design by Boost Energy, the UK’s second biggest energy drink supplier.


The vibrant, unique design covers the entire vehicle, all around including the roof. The custom bright blue pop-art design with graphics and art flows around the vehicle, in one complete design. The fitting process for a design like this takes a lot of preparation and experience to fit correctly – as the design wraps around many different parts, and must correctly line up with the other pieces in order to look good.


The design was first set up for print, and then printed in-house on high quality 3M 480 Wrapping Film. This is a high quality, long lasting film that is perfect for this sort of design. To begin the process, the vehicle has various parts removed, including the bumpers, lights, handles and trim. This allows us to wrap the vehicle thoroughly, which ensures it always looks its best, and is long lasting. This includes the rear boot spoiler fitted to this high-spec VW T5, which is quite a difficult shape to wrap, however our team have the experience needed to pull it off. The completed vehicle is amazingly eye-catching and vibrant. This is due to the design and the high quality printing processes we use, which ensure the finished result pops. This ensures the vehicle does above and beyond its job as a promotional van.