Bradford Academy

Bradford Academy first opened its doors in September 2007. Home to over 2,000 students ranging in ages from 2 to 18. Bradford Academy provides vital education to students that will assist them for the rest of their lives.


Part of improving the students learning, Carrot Awards were introduced. A system that awards students for behaving well and excelling in the tasks they undertake. LW Graphics were commissioned to design and display this in a vibrant and eye catching manner.


Commencing the initial design stage with beautiful coloured graphics alongside bold and bright text, immediately capturing the attention of the students. Colourful characters were also introduced to the design adding a sense diversity.


At LW Graphics we like to push boundaries in which this commission was no different. With our new SureColor S80600, we were able to print a backup white on a clear window vinyl. This improves the strong colours of the graphics when backlit.


With our well trained fitters and industry leading equipment, our application process ensures maximum quality and attention to detail. Utilising tools such as laser levels to ensure complete balance to the graphics.


The final result clearly displays these rewards around Bradford Academy. A constant reminder of what the students can win, given they excel in what they are doing.