Collett May 2019


Our long time, Halifax-based friends at Collett Transport have a large and diverse fleet of vehicles, designed to transport various types of cargo and abnormal loads.


We have been fitting their fleet with the Collett brand livery for a long time, ensuring that their branding is consistent across the UK and Europe.  On this occasion we had several different trucks to cab wrap in the well-known Collett Livery. This features a deep blue fading into the white of the vehicle. On top of this is the Red and Yellow Collett logo, and if the vehicle is a specialist vehicle, this is clearly labelled. Getting the colours precise with the Epson True Colour printer on 3M 180 and a gloss laminate.


The graphics not only look great, but also ensure that all the vans, trucks and other vehicles in the Collett fleet look smart and professional.