Dakin-Flathers are industry leading Bandknife and Bandsaw Blade Manufacturers, based locally in Featherstone, West Yorkshire. The new Mitsubishi L200 is used as a works vehicle, and was a plain white colour.


The idea was to symbolise the metalwork nature of the business, by giving the truck a tough and rugged looking Brushed Titanium finish. On top of this, graphics were fitted to list the products that the business sells. We have a lot of experience fitting unique finishes, including brushed, chrome and even a snake skin wrap! The different material is trickier to fit as the brushed pattern flows a specific way, meaning the entire vehicle must be wrapped in a special way to ensure the patten is consistent and flowing. The vehicle is stripped down prior to the wrap beginning, this involves removing bumpers, badges, bumpers, trim – anything that will be close the the wrap area. Everything is wrapped separately to ensure the best finish possible.