Exterion Media – Doncaster Sheffield Airport Tram

A bit different to the vehicle’s we usually wrap, this 3-car tram was wrapped for Exterion Media, Europe’s largest privately held Out-of-Home advertising company, to promote the rebranded Doncaster Sheffield Airport. 


The vibrant and eye-catching design uses bright purple, pink, blues and greens as well as images to illustrate various holiday destinations and activities in a colourful combination. It also features a large destination board across the top to display some of the destinations that can be visited via Doncaster Sheffield Airport. We fitted the graphics in the tram depot, using large sheets of high quality vinyl printed in-house. Each section had to be carefully lined up with the next, and then trimmed around the windows, vents and handles. Some sections of the vinyl also extend over the windows or door sections, which must also be aligned and wrapped precisely. Large gloss white text was also added to the front, centre and rear sections of each side to further emphasise the holiday theme of the graphics. 


The completed tram makes a big impact – the colours are just right and “pop”. Combined with the holiday accessories, it really gives you that holiday feeling when you see it!