Heart Yorkshire

Heart Yorkshire were promoting their radio station for Halloween, offering trick or treat prizes at the White Rose Centre. For this, they have a large pop-up box that can be installed in shopping centres and indoor locations.


We produced and fitted the customised graphics to help give their stand an eye-catching, vibrant background. We printed the graphics in-house onto high quality Avery 3000 vinyl, which gives the finished product a sharp and glossy finish. The Halloween box is built from over 12 panels, which are each wrapped separately in the design, which must be carefully lined up. The panels are all wrapped separately, and then carefully trimmed at the edges. We lined up each side in our workshop, to ensure that the graphics will line up perfectly when assembled in the real location! We went to go visit the Heart Halloween box in the White Rose Centre, and found that it makes a big impression – the vibrant orange graphics are very pleasing to look at and should definitely help bring some trick or treaters their way!