Make a Moment

The Make a Moment campaign was created by Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, a charity which supports children with life shortening conditions and their families in West Yorkshire. The campaign encourages donations to help the cause, to donate you can text “Moment” to 70007.


Our team fitted these graphics at Huddersfield train station, the same town that the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice is located. The graphics were added to the ticket barriers carefully, with a person each side ensuring the graphics were fitted flawlessly. These purple sections look great and add vibrance to the plain black barriers. Next the large modern glass panels dividing the station building in half were fitted with graphics on both sides. These are trimmed by hand to follow the curved contours of the glass. Then we fitted the large vinyl banner along the railings inside the station, the perfect place for all commuters to see the vibrant purple banner. It even matches the purple railings it’s mounted to! Within Huddersfield station is a large glass lift which transports people down so they can cross beneath the tracks to the other platforms. The outside of the lift was fitted with large purple graphics, which are printed onto a material which can still be seen out of from within the lift. The height of this structure meant we needed scaffolding to fit the graphics in a safe and controlled manner. We also have the equipment to safely work in busy places like this, utilising barriers to ensure a safe environment in this public space.