Platinum Executive Travel Trailer

Platinum Executive Travel is a premium vehicle hiring business with an extensive fleet of exotic supercars. Social media star and YouTube icon Lord Aleem approached LW Graphics to wrap his new transportation trailer as part of his new business division – PET Logistics. Offering a hassle-free secure way to transport your supercar.

Aleem was open to new ideas and suggestions, therefore, sat down with our creative design team to generate a concept he was happy with. Something corporate with an edge of elegance was the brief. We decided on an Avery Supreme Satin Black for the centre, roof and trims along with Teck Wrap True Blood Red for the sides offering the perfect contrast. The PET logo was then re-designed with a more simplistic design with cut text, both of which was is 3M 1080 Gloss Black.

The final result is a transportation trailer 100% in line with the PET branding. The difference in finishes seamlessly complementing one and other highlighting particular areas of the design.