S.G. Ellis

Founded in 1966, S.G. Ellis (Electrical Contractors) is a local Bradford based business which specialises in Electrical and Plumbing work. The business had recently purchased a new Volkswagen Amarok pickup to add to the fleet of vehicles. The S.G. Ellis colour scheme is Red, however unfortunately you can’t purchase the Volkswagen Amarok in Red.


We were chosen to wrap the pickup in a metallic Kandy Red to complement the rest of the fleet, with added graphics to be fitted on top. As this vehicle is white, it was decided to also wrap the door insert and shut areas, to remove all trace of white; giving the vehicle a full colour change. This process involves removing trim, bumpers, badges, handles and even the doors! Once all of the exterior trim is removed, we wrap each panel separately. Once this is complete, the vehicle is re-assembled and the entire car is cleaned. The result is a great looking truck! The vibrant metallic Kandy Red always looks really good, especially in the sunshine. The cut graphics stand out nicely on the red and match the rest of the S.G. Ellis fleet.