Smith Butler

Smith Butler is a leading practice of Chartered Accountants in Bradford, West Yorkshire giving trusted advice to businesses and individuals.

LW Graphics were commissioned to design and apply exterior signage, interior wall graphics and window frosting to their new office. The process began by sitting down with our in-house creative team to create an initial concept. Once finalised, we set to work on making his vision a reality. The LW surveyor went over to the new unit to retrieve all measurements required to enable our team to manufacture and print graphics. Our artwork team scaled up logos & text ready to print on our Epson True colour printers. The client required an exact colour match to his blue logo therefore with our pantone colour capture technology, we were able to retrieve an exact match. Oracal flat panel reflective vinyl for the exterior sign,

We utilised many different materials for this commission including printed Arlon 4500 LX Flat Panel for all areas in blue, Metamark 7 Series Gloss black for cut text on walls, Metamark M7 window frost and finally the all new Squid, a transparent fabric for covering windows that allow you to see out but not in. A variety of materials complimenting one and other seamlessly to create a professional and unique environment.

Our production team printed and assembled all components in-house before sending our fitting team onsite to apply all graphics and signage.

The final results were impressive and surpassed our clients expectations. Bold and professional throughout ensuring a premium and inviting environment for all Smith Butler staff and clients.