Our friends at SODI Kart, world leader in the karting industry,  present on five continents and experts in all areas of the karting world, had just bought a new Mercedes Sprinter to transport their demonstration karts to potential clients.


They needed some branding to give the vehicle identity and help promote the brand on their travels around the UK and Europe. We designed the Sodi van graphics to be minimalist, but effective. The bright, vibrant SODI logo is instantly recognisable and eye-catching in itself. We chose to fit a curved backdrop to this graphic, finished in Matte Gunmetal Metallic, which starts low at the front of the van, and curves up to cover the entire rear of the van. This material adds a rugged look, with a great metallic finish when the light hits it just right. The completed van is super effective – the strong look of the SODI logo really stands out against the Silver Bodywork and Matte Gunmetal lower section. The web addresses are finished in Gloss White and have a bold appearance. We loved working with SODI, and the van was a great result.