Sunnyside are a local play area and child care service, who aim to provide a safe and caring and stimulating environment which gives children the best possible start to develop their own individual character.


For summer 2016, Sunnyside Play Centre came to us needing their vehicle fitting with new Sunnyside branding. Concurrently, Sunnyside were rejuvenating their play centre. We decided on the idea of producting a large custom mural wall design for the open space seating area. Sunnyside now have an established brand and logo featuring colourful animals and trees; we used these designs to produce as a large mural and a eye catching design for their vehicle.


To ensure the graphics looked their best, we fitted them to aluminium panels; this ensures a straight and smooth finish, which also has the benefit of easy replacement of graphics in the future if needed. The graphics were arranged to suit the large walls digitally, and then printed in-house onto high quality vinyl. For this project, a Satin finish laminate was chosen, which helps enhance the vibrant colours of the design and give them a sharp appearance.


The vehicles graphics were printed in-house and then machine-cut to shape. The colours and design matches the new mural graphics and the existing signage, ensuring a consistent brand throughout. The new wall graphics give the room extra life and character, the colourful characters and greenery giving the walls interesting detail for both children and adults alike. Matching vehicle graphics were also applied to promote the business in the local area with a vibrant and eye catching design. The overall result is fantastic, and greatly improves a blank wall to become a feature of the building.