The Green Group

The Green Group is a mixture of companies, brought together to expand the ethos of “progressive thinking with intelligent growth” in business. The business work in many areas, including Logistics, Pallet Networks, Warehousing, Construction, Civil Engineering, Property Development, Serviced Offices, Property Investment & Insolvency, Debt & Asset Collection – Internationally. 


We were chosen to produce a design for the new fleet of Green Group trucks – a design which succumbed to the Green Group colour scheme but also something which looked interesting and unique. To do this, we first used a to-scale blueprint of the vehicle to base our design off. This allows us to see how the design will fit on the different shapes of the truck. In the end, a green, black and chrome design was chosen, wrapping the entirety of the cab including the rear. Looking at the truck, you wouldn’t think it was once white. The wrap has transformed the vehicle from a plain white truck into a fully branded vehicle which looks exceptional. The chrome is something you rarely see on a vehicle and it sets the truck apart from all of the others you see on the road.