The Green Group

The Green Group are a collective of well established transportation companies, who deal with logistics, international shipping, warehousing and shared offices. We designed a livery in 2D and then provided a 3D visual to show how the truck would look when complete.


The design was revised until it was perfect for our client. The truck was designed to look impressive to celebrate it being their 150th truck. To produce this wrap, we used a high quality Avery Supreme Chrome material, which was then printed with a custom shade of green in-house by our Production Team. Then the vinyl was laminated to give it a glossy shine. The truck was brought inside, to be kept in our secure unit while the wrap took place, this allows us to control the temperature of the environment, which is crucial to ensure the vinyl fits well and looks great. The chrome material is harder to work with than regular vinyl as it contains a thin metallic layer within, which makes it harder to wrap around contours. Our wrapping team have the experience and skills required to fit the wrap to a high standard. The finished truck looks impressive, well worthy of the 150th truck title. The design is true to the Green Group branding while still being special! Find out more about The Green Group.