Umai Mi

Umai Mi literally translates from Japanese to mean delicious taste, something this Newcastle based restaurant will definitely provide, with their unique fusion of traditional and modern cooking. Aiming to provide a culinary experience, tantalising your taste buds as you dine in this characterful environment. 


Project Interiors commissioned LW Graphics to apply this stunning design to the exterior of the restaurant wall. Giving a sense to the people passing by of what they can look forward to.


Utilising our Epson printers, we demonstrated once again class-leading levels of print quality highlighting true depths in the blacks as well as rich colour tones.


Using specific wall wrapping vinyl, our experienced fitting team began to apply the printed film on to the bare plaster. Utilising the latest in laser technology, each panel was carefully aligned to ensure millimetre precision.


The final result in a transformed shop front clearly showcasing what is to come. An exciting time for both Newcastle and Umai Mi.