Z Bridal

Offically the UK’s Largest Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Training Company, Z Bridal have many branches based all over the north of England. They have a unique style and approach to their company image, helping them stand out from the crowd. 


The other thing which helps them stand out from the crowd is their Chrome Wrap Porsche Cayenne! Required to be eye catching and promotional for their business, the initial suggestion was pink, however we suggested something more unique and spectacular – Chrome Purple. This product is extremely high quality and looks stunning on any vehicle. On top of the wrap, we designed and fitted some cut graphics in a normal chrome finish, to complement the body colour. Having removed all badges, door handles, surrounds and trims, our team of 3M Approved vehicle wrappers began to very carefully fit the chrome wrap to the bodywork, ensuring the highest possible quality finish. After the wrap was complete, the text, logos and other information could be fitted. When completed, the vehicle looked stunning. The eye catching purple can be seen a long way off and is sure to grab your attention. The chrome lettering is another unique aspect, something which, for certain applications, looks a lot better than a plain colour.