The Weekly Progress

July 2019

Did you know?

Japanese knotweed (scientific name: Fallopia japonica), is officially one of the UK’s most hated, feared and potent invasive species.

In Other News

LW Graphics have a new Crafter van that has been wrapped with our branding.


Thought-provoking Japanese Knotweed Design

Brainstorm Design Consultants came to LW Graphics with this provocative design for Japanese Knotweed Solutions. Which our art-working team simply had to modify and apply for it to be ready for printing.


Printed on 3M 480 and laminated to showcase the crisp colours and details. The blue undertones to the artwork bring out the colours in the shocking knotweed growths in the graphics.


Our team of highly skilled fitters applied the graphics to the VW Crafter Van ready to showcase the artwork resulting in a clean crisp and eye catching vehicle for on the road, successfully displaying the danger and annoyance of Japanese Knotweed in a provoking way.