The Weekly Progress

August 2019

In Other News

LW Graphics have been commissioned to apply some wall graphics to Essentra Packaging’s warehouse walls.

Did you know?

There is an entire mountain range buried beneath the Atlantic Ocean known as The Mid-Atlantic Ridge. You can actually see these underwater mountain formations on satellite imagery.


White Rows impressed with Avery Dennison chrome.

LW Graphics were commissioned to reapply sponsorships logos and add Avery Dennison red chrome to the hull. We matched the reds on the union jack and fade on the People logo as close as possible to the red chrome to make the whole boat cohesive. A special reflective window vinyl was applied to the cabin windows to keep out the sun’s heat.


Our vehicle wrapping team were able to complete this job within a few days as Marcus needed the boat back for training. The end result is just what the client wanted and it will stand out from the crowd in the water.