The Weekly Progress

January 2020

Did you know?

Architecture Was Once an Olympic Sport!

In Other News

LW Graphics have ongoing contract with Clear Choice to apply livery to a number of vehicles


HB Projects have an updated design

Having wrapped a number of vehicles for HB Projects in the past it was time for an update. This time it was two VW caddies in a slightly refreshed design for 2020 but using the same materials as before.


Keeping the branding consistent by using Avery 900 Midnight Blue and Avery 895 Dark Argent Metallic for the logo and Avery Supreme Matt metallic Charcoal and Avery 735 Metallic Silver for other details. Using coloured vinyl ensures consistency across past and present projects.


Our production team assembled the cut vinyl for each section so out fitting team simply had to line all the graphics to match the visual and place them on. The back window panel was also covered in a 3M 2080 grey so the rear graphics could stand out.