The Weekly Progress

August 2020

In Other News

LW Graphics have been commissioned to wrap an existing design for Sonic Direct.

Did you know?

There is a fruit that grows in South America called the Pacay, which is said to taste just like vanilla ice cream


Ice Cream van for fun promotional event

LW Graphics were commissioned to print and apply the graphics to this ice cream van for Simple Life Homes’ summer promotion giving free ice creams to their tenants. This meant using an easily removable vinyl that could be taken after the event was over.


Once the artwork supplied was made ready for printing it was sent to our HP 570 printer and then cut according to the design. Our highly skilled fitting team were able to apply the vinyl panels to the window within a few hours creating these colourful windows.


These additions to the ice cream van were perfect for Simple Life’s week event: colourful and simple. A great promotional tool for the business.