The Weekly Progress

October 2020

Did you know?

The world´s largest crystal skull is made of quartz. It is aptly dubbed Colossus but also known as Akator or Papa, is a modern-day example created by celebrated Brazilian crystal skull carver Leandro from a single block of Brazilian smoky quartz, and weighs 158 kg (348 lb) – roughly the same weight as a Sumo wrestler!

In Other News

LW Graphics applied a R-300 custom enhancement kit to a Ford Transit Custom for Meridian Granite. Including a light reflective back panel.


16 van wraps for JBC!

Recently we have undertaken 16 partial van wraps for JBC!

The process started with new branding for JBC that we were able to design into a stylish part wrap for them. Over 6 weeks we had a rotation of their vans that meant we had 4 vans a week for JBC amongst our other projects. The vans needed the old branding taking off before we could apply the new vinyl. See our previous case study to see what they looked like before.

Our fitting team had to work together to get the vans in and out to the set schedule to ensure the JBC drivers could have their vans back on time.

It’s great to see the new branding on the vans, a definite modern makeover for the brand.