The Weekly Progress

December 2020

In Other News

LW Graphics were commissioned to fully wrap the cab for Premier Lasertube’s truck in Carmine red and apply simple branding all around the cab and trailer.

Did you know?

Have you noticed the robin red breast, red squirrel and red fox aren’t actually red but orange coloured? This was because the word for orange was first used in (recorded) in 1512, long after our furry friends were named. Interestingly we didn’t see any need to change their name – would we get used to robin orange breast, orange squirrel and orange fox?


Christmas is coming!

To bring some joy over Christmas First Group York have partnered with Age UK to help support older isolated people across York. They’ll be dropping letters and donated gifts of chocolates and biscuits to 100 of their customers most affected by the Pandemic. We were thrilled to be a part of showcasing this in their new Christmas bus design.

We worked with the designers to make sure the design was optimal for printing. Once it was set up for our printers it was then printed on Avery 1105 wrapping vinyl and Arlon flat panel for the snowflakes and text.

We sent 2 fitters to apply all the graphics to the bus. We are so happy to be involved with this project and wish both companies success in their Christmas mission.